Petlwana Journal Open for Submissions

THEME: Secrets & Lies

Petlwana is open for submissions for the 2022 June issue!

Going forward, Petlwana will be published biannually. The June issue will have a different theme each year, while the December issue will be open to all topics.

The theme for June 2022 is: Secrets and Lies. We’re looking for stories, poems and short plays that deal with deadly deceptions, mirthful misunderstandings and intriguing indiscretions. Be creative! We’ll accept a broad interpretation of the theme. Little white lies, lies of omission, lies that save lives or end them; family secrets, political secrets, magical secrets; things left unsaid, tricks and gambits.

The closing date for submissions is March 10th 2022.

Check out the submission guidelines here.

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