Petlo Literary Arts is a social enterprise whose major objective is to develop and promote creative writing and the arts in Botswana. In this regard we create and publish literary works, organize writing and performance workshops and encourage and train writers to write and perform their works. We also provide literary services such as editing and ghostwriting.

Our Objectives are:

  • To acquire land and other immovable property for use as a resort or sanctuary for writers and artists;
  • To publish, print or encourage or assist in the publication or printing of creative works of art and literature in Botswana, or elsewhere as the Trustees may from time to time determine;
  • To produce or cause to be produced a scholarly and, or general purpose journal or other publication on the arts, literature and ideas;
  • To conceptualize, organize, and conduct cultural and literary festivals in Botswana, or elsewhere, as may be determined by the trustees from time to time;
  • To conceptualize, and, or organize and, or sponsor creative writing projects, workshops and similar ventures;
  • To establish a community radio station dedicated to the propagation or encouragement of the arts, literature, culture and ideas;
  • To acquire land and other immovable property for use as a community library and or literary museum in one of the villages of Botswana and such other places as the Trustees may from time to time determine; and
  • To collaborate with other arts, literary and cultural entities, wherever they may be situated, in the furtherance of the general objectives of the group to propagate and promote the arts, culture and literary pursuits.

How to Support Petlo

There are three ways to support our work. They are:

  1. By participating in, purchasing, sharing and promoting our projects and publications.
  2. By enlisting our literary support or training services.
  3. By volunteering with us. Contact us for more information.
  4. By donating. The funds we receive help us host writing workshops and print books. Donations can be made directly to our bank account. Please contact us for our bank details.