The opening scene of the play Sechele I:


Scene 1

(Semi-darkness. There is an eerie, tense, yet dreamlike atmosphere. Motswasele II stands stage left in the spotlight, in front of Segokotlo and Moruakgomo, who are both seated. Their seats are high, giving them the impression of towering over Motswasele. There are other people seated nearby. Motswasele is nervous, but tries to put on a brave face.)


(In a booming, echoing voice) You, Kgosi,(in a disparaging tone) have wronged your people…taken their wives like a greedy dog…stolen the crops they struggled to grow…killed them without reason….Your punishment is…Death!

(Motswasele looks around desperately for a way out, then tries to run. Segokotlo, Moruakgomo and the others jump up, grab him and wrestle him to the ground.)


Wait! Wait! I wish to speak!

(His assailants pause momentarily.)


If you carry out this most terrible of deeds, my brothers, you will surely come to regret it. You will create a future of endless struggling and fighting, dividing our people and leading them into confusion! Like a crocodile without its head; you will be lost. Waves of black, red and white ants will swallow up your land and your cattle, and their hunger will never be satisfied!

(There is a moment of silence. Then Moruakgomo raises an axe, and with a bloodcurdling cry, brings it down with a thud. Darkness falls. Light goes on stage right. Sechele sits up in bed, sweating profusely and panting heavily.)